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The convenience of travel has now been adorned with a touch of class; as expoteas launched their own tea lounge named tsips Bistro at the ‘Canowin Arcade’ situated along the southern expressway. t-sips Bistro was declared open by H.E. the President Mahinda rajapakshe recently during the inaugural celebrations.


This project has been in the pipeline for some time now and to see it becoming a reality brings us that satisfaction of staying true to our goals with the dedication and support from our loyal staffers and customers. This Bistro will provide adequate sips to the yearning tea enthusiast and by being located in such a serene location, we are happy that it will bring many smiles to the travelers that stop by the Canowin Arcade whilst making their way towards the Bistro.



When you stop by the t-sips Bistro you will be fascinated with the options of tea at hand; be it an ice tea to beat the hot sun or even a hot tea after a heavy meal, t-sips offers you a plethora of choices to tingle your taste buds. The bistro also offers the t-sips black tea which is the most popular and well received teas from Sri Lanka. The black tea comes in tea bags and is foil packed to preserve the original aroma and flavour. The Hibiscus tea is another specialty, and can be consumed hot or iced. It is said to help in reducing blood pressure.  The t-sips green tea is a ‘Pure Ceylon’ tea and sourced only from the finest green tea producers in Sri Lanka, and comes in classic, Jasmine, Mint, Mango and Apple flavors. The options are endless and all tea served is in the highest end pyramid bags which may be a new experience for the Sri Lankan consume. The bistro also offers customers with a delicious range of finger food to enjoy while sipping on a hot or cold ‘cuppa’.



We believe that it is the birthright of every Sri Lankan to enjoy a great cup of tea and the pleasure of a good ‘cuppa’ is something everyone must also have access to. Our vision is to take pure Ceylon tea of the highest quality to the world and fulfilling our vision of Sharing the Joy. The Canowin Arcade is Sri Lanka’s recently developed modern, fully equipped, state of the art rest stop situated on the 44 KM milepost on either side of the Southern Expressway, which stretches from Kottawa to Galle. Apart from the t-sips bistro the arcade is also home to a number of other eateries such as a Chinese restaurant, a Sri Lankan restaurant, supermarkets, an Italian Café, retail outlets and many more.







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